Rotary Heat Press MOT-F

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  • Rotary Heat Press MOT-F

    Rotary Heat Press MOT-F

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    Transfer Printing

    - Dye Fixation

    - Direct Inks Reactivation


    100% full oil

    Duplex teflon oil drum

    Auto alignment of the blanket

    3 unwinds & 2 rewinds

    Air expansion shafts for transfer paper unwind/rewind & tissue paper rewind

    Blanket tension/release control

    Transfer pressure system

    Timer for cooling down


  • ModelMOT-1742FMOT-2742FMOT-3242F
     Cylinder Oil-Heated, 100% Full
    Voltage3 phase, 220V / 380V / 480V
    Heating Power 26kW41kW48kW
      Heating Elements152733
    Diameter of Drum420mm or 16.5' (Available in 600mm/800mm), Double Layer
    Transfer Speed1.5m-2.5m/min
    Max Temperature240°C or 464°F
    Transfer Width1600mm or 63'2500mm or 98'3150mm or 124'
    Felt Width1700mm or 67'2600mm or 102'3250mm or 128'
    Process PathFeeding in through Top of Drum
      Feeding Rollers3
     Collecting Rollers2
    Working TableYes, But glass will not be included
    Machine Dimension2550mm x 1100mm x 1700mm
    100' x 43' x 67'
    3290mm x 1100mm x 1700mm
    130' x 43' x 67'
    4010mm x 1100mm x 1700mm
    158' x 43' x 67'
    Working Table Size1860mm x 1920mm x 970mm
    73' x 75' x 38'
    2860mm x 1920mm x 970mm
    113' x 75' x 38'
    3360mm x1920mm x 970mm
    132' x 75' x 38'
    Packing Size2800mm x 1450mm x 2000mm
    110' x 57' x 79'
    3600mm x 1450mm x 2000mm
    141' x 57' x 79'
    4300mm x 1450mm x 2000mm
    169' x 57' x 79'
    Net Weight1650kg or 3638lb2000kg or 4409lb2350kg or 5181lb
    Gross Weight1800kg or 3968lb2200kg or 4850lb2500kg or 5512lb

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