Rotary Heat Press RTR-3280-H

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  • Rotary Heat Press RTR-3280-H

    Rotary Heat Press RTR-3280-H

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    Mouse Pad, Carpet

    Flag, Tent, Blanket, Curtain

    Polyester Fabric in Rolls or Piece 


    Detecting Temperature on the Surface

    Filling Oil Drum to 100% Full (Saving 30% Power) 

    Controlling Temperature Precisely (Controllable Silicon Solid State Relay)

    Minimizing Maintenance Effort (Slip Ring)

    At Least 70% Blanket Coverage 

    Fabric/Transfer Paper/Tissue Paper Tension Controlled by Compressed Air

    Auto Power On/off

    Touch Screen Control Panel

    User Friendly Operating System

    Real Time Reflection of Transfer Time and Yield

  • Rotary Heat Press RTR-3280-H

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